Did You know that Royalty Once Visited Heritage-Listed Buderim House?

The heritage-listed Buderim House once hosted the Duke of Gloucester in December 1934. With this, one can say that the historic home is truly fit for a royalty.


Buderim House was built c1915 for Herbert Victor Fielding, son of pioneer Buderim sugar planter, mill owner, and fruit grower John Fielding. The home was designed by Corinda architect George Trotter and was built by Kangaroo Point builder Christian Schriver.

The high set timber residence was built on a 16-hectare section of the property, on the highest point of the northern slope of Mt Buderim, overlooking the Maroochy coast and river valley.

Fruit Groves, Buderim House, 1931 Photo credit: CC-BY/Queensland State Archives/Flickr

Before the construction of the home was completed, the house which sits on about 11 hectares was sold to Walter Frank Oakes who insisted that before the sales of the property could be finalised, changes had to be made to the home. Mr Oakes asked for the addition of a tower, flagpole, and the inclusion of the name Buderim House in the leadlight panel in the front door.

Fielding bought the property back from Oakes in 1925 and worked the farm with bananas, pineapples, winter small crops, coffee, and cattle. He rented out the house until selling it on about 1.6 hectares to HJ Murphy in 1927.

A Royal Visit

Photo credit: www.realestate.com.au

Murphy, later an alderman in the Maroochy Shire Council, was the one who developed the gardens around the house in the 1930s. Mr and Mrs Murphy were responsible for carefully preparing the house to meet the requirements of the Duke of Gloucester during his weekend visit in 1934.

Preparations for the royal visit included setting an environment of colourful flowers, neatly-trimmed shrubs, and well-tended lawns. Decorations and furnishings have also been carried out with a vision of securing artistic and colourful tonings providing an ambience of restfulness.

In 1954, the Murphys sold the house and the land was subdivided further in 1967. The house now stands on about 0.6 hectares.

Heritage Listing

Photo credit: www.realestate.com.au

The Buderim House was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 2 March 1993.

According to the Queensland Heritage Register, “Buderim House demonstrates the principal characters of a substantial early 20th century Queensland timber residence. It exhibits particular aesthetic characteristics valued by the Buderim community, these being its landmark quality and the contribution of the house, established gardens and rare scrub remnant, to the Buderim landscape.”

The historic residence located at 10 Orme Road, Buderim was put on sale 2016 by its longtime owner Tim and Jackie Banks as they planned to downsize their living quarters.