Buderim Craft Cottage Continues to Give Back

Buderim Craft Cottage celebrated 50 years of creativity with a week-long celebration from the 29th of April until the 8th of May. The works of various artists over the years are immortalised on 30-cm squares of cloth, showing different techniques and materials such as silk, felt, oils, acrylics, and inks, mounted, and displayed for everyone to see and appreciate.


Humble Beginnings

An illustration of its humble beginnings
(Photo credit: www.buderimcraftcottage.com.au)

In 1967, a small group of artists and craftsmen organised the Buderim Craft Cottage, a non-profit organisation. Back in the day, the pioneers just held their meetings in private homes until they were able to arrange an official place as the venue for their meetings. This place is now known as the Pioneer Cottage. Later on, their headquarters was later transferred to a small cottage on Bart’s land in Church Street.

50 years of development of the arts and crafts hub
(Photo credit: www.buderimcraftcottage.com.au)

In 1974, the first stage of what is now known as Buderim Craft Cottage at 5 Main Street was constructed. From then until today, facilities have been continuously expanded and improved to provide a “home” to the arts and crafts of its growing community. As a hub of creativity, Buderim Craft Cottage has different groups of artists and craftsmen within its circle. Specialisations include calligraphy, fabric art, machine embroidery, needlework, patchwork, pottery, and yarns and fibres.


Community Support

Not just a home for creativity, bu a home for charity
(Photo credit: www.buderimcraftcottage.com.au)

Buderim Craft Cottage is a long-running organisation that has developed numerous community and charity involvements within its 50 years of existence.

A quilt to warm the patients up
(Photo credit: www.buderimcraftcottage.com.au)

Just recently, the Patchwork Group donated quilts to the Nambour Hospital Oncology Unit. Every year, the patchwork group donates quilts to help various charities such as Najidah, a charity that supports families affected by domestic violence; and STEMM, an organisation supporting teenagers in education.

Gifts for kids to feel comfortable and warm every night
(Photo credit: www.buderimcraftcottage.com.au)

The Machine Embroidery Group donated library bags, pillows, and toys for the Sunny Kids Foundation and the SCKoping Program, which helps children and teenagers living with mental illness.

Thank you Australian servicemen and women for your hardwork.
(Photo credit: www.buderimcraftcottage.com.au)

To commemorate the hardworking Australian servicemen and women, the Pottery Group created a mural in April 2015.

One of the major community involvements of Buderim Craft Cottage, not just in Buderim, but throughout the country, is their participation in cancer research every year.

Here’s to fifty more years of serving the community!