Buderim Ginger Chosen as Recipient of Government’s $1.3M Exports Grants Program

Eight diverse Queensland food companies were chosen for a second round of funding from the Queensland government’s $1.3 million exports grants program and Buderim Ginger is one of them.

Buderim Ginger

From a small farming community and ginger growers’ cooperative in 1941, Buderim Ginger has grown to be one of the world’s largest suppliers of ginger. It is a proudly Australian business, one of Queensland’s great agricultural success stories.

In the 1990s, Buderim Ginger earned global recognition for producing the World’s Finest Ginger. Buderim Ginger and the Queensland Horticultural Industry (QHI) have joint plant breeders rights to the variety of ginger known as “Buderim Gold”. This particular species of ginger improves harvest yields whilst maintaining the citral flavour characteristics sought after in Australian ginger.

The company now produces a wide range of ginger products that is distributed in over 17 countries.

The funding will not only allow Buderim to grow and manufacture preservative-free ginger products in Queensland for a worldwide consumption, but it will also support the local produce and provide local jobs.

Growing Queensland’s Food Exports

The $1.3 million Growing Queensland’s Food Exports program (GQFE) encourages food businesses to improve their export competitiveness and profitability through better understanding of their markets. The initiative specifically seeks to:

  1. Contribute to regional economic growth and jobs through increasing exports of food products
  2. Co-invest with Queensland agriculture and food businesses that are either export ready or currently exporting to develop export capability
  3. Foster collaborative relationships between export businesses, industry associations, research agencies and government to develop export capability
  4. Capitalise on current markets as well as opportunities arising from new and existing Free Trade Agreements
  5. Enhance agriculture and food businesses understanding of markets and global trends in order to achieve sustainable long-term export growth
Economic growth through increasing exports
Photo credit: Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

Aside from Buderim Ginger (ginger products), other companies receiving grants in this second round of funding are:

  1. Australian Gulf Seafood (seafood)
  2. Gin Gin & Dry (dried fruits)
  3. Ironbark Citrus (mandarins)
  4. Kominos Wines (wine)
  5. Natural Evolution (green banana flour)
  6. Perfection Fresh (fresh produce)
  7. Qualipac (fresh produce)