Shop With A Glass of Bubbly at Designer Christmas Event at Buderim Tavern

Australian Designers Events is hosting the Designer Christmas Event, a market featuring the contemporary local artists across Australia. Everyone is invited to shop on the 14th of December from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Buderim Tavern. High-end local designers and business owners will be selling their different creations, ranging from hand-made jewellery, fashionable clothing and bags, and makeup.

Credit: Australian Designers Events

Everyone can shop while having a glass of champagne. Insiders of the Australian fashion industry will be speaking during the event. Musician Su-Anne Stewart will also be performing. When everyone is finished with their shopping, they can have a drink or two at a private bar at the Buderim Tavern, overlooking the breathtaking view of the Sunshine Coast.

This is the first time that Australian Designers Events is holding such an activity and they are looking forward to more of this in the future. Tickets are available for $15 each. Every $5 of tickets sold will be donated to Friends With Dignity charity.

Friends With Dignity is a not-for-profit community organisation providing assistance to men, women, children, LGBT, who have been displaced by domestic violence. It is run by a group of volunteers who aim to build a home that is safe, loving, and free from violence and abuse.

Here are the Australian designers participating in the event.

Lara Stone Attire

Credit: Lara Stone Attire Facebook

Creations from Lara Stone aim to differ from clothes produced from “fast-fashion” or those which are merely mass-produced solely for profits. Instead, garments at Lara Stone are painstakingly dyed using flowers and minerals that are abundant from Australian nature. Each piece is one-size-fits-all.

Andrea Estelle Jewellery

Credit: Andrea Estelle Jewellery

Her personal love of gemstones and earthly metals has led Andrea to making beautiful jewellery. Each of the pieces she makes is handmade. She personally mixes and matches the colours and shapes for each of her creations. She does her part in seeing to it that she is not contributing to the manufacturing of plastic jewellery that are usually non-biodegradable. She only works with suppliers who recycle silver, gold, and metal. If she has scraps from previous creations, she makes sure that she can recycle them for her next.

Maschek Designs

Credit: Maschek Facebook

Maschek is famous for its luxury dresses and active-wear. Though high end, the business commits to ethically and sustainably made products. Only the finest silk are used in each of the clothing. Design inspirations are sacred geometry and Fibonacci spirals so each creation depicts the different aspects of nature, including the “unseen” aspects of the universe.

“Maschek’s designs are a holistic interpretation of nature and express a philosophy that brings forth the wholeness and unity of life.”


Credit: Ajie Facebook

Adreinne personally designs, handcrafts, and embellishes each of every piece she sells. She incorporates every bit of love and attention to detail in order to perfectly combine various metals, feathers, textiles, shells, stones, and crystals in jewellery and homeware that she creates.

“I’m inspired by anything and everything, from colours in the sky on a nice sunrise or sunset, patterns, textiles and fashion to random shapes seen in everyday objects, to amazing travel destinations & cultures and just about everything in between.”


Credit: Juwel Facebook

Joanna O’ Brien’s passion for handmade designer bags has kept her brand unique. All creations are always in limited edition.

The Travelling Kimono

Credit: The Travelling Kimono Facebook

The brand is founded primarily to support women who need work. Hence, all garments at The Travelling Kimono are all hand-cut, sewn on small machines by a team comprised of women from Vietnam.

Mikimi Resort

Credit: Mikimi Resort Facebook

The brand is the go-to for luxury resort wear for women of all ages. Each piece of clothing are made perfect for travelling. They are easy to fold and place inside suitcases.

Hot Per Tutti

Credit: Hot Per Tutti

The brand specialises in 100% original, recycled, reclaimed, and upcycle vintage pieces.

Benedetta’s Trove

Credit: Benedetta’s Trove

The Benedetta’s Trove has always been famous for its jewellery that can be worn at the beach. Customers can have their preferred pieces custom-made, with all their requested designs incorporated.

Buderim Tavern is located at 81 Burnett Street Buderim, Queensland