Richie Johnston, Buderim’s Great Educator and Rugby League Legend, Will Be ‘Sorely Missed’

The neighbourhood of Buderim currently mourns the sudden death of their beloved resident, Richard ‘Richie’ Johnston. He was not just a mere citizen. To the locals, Richie was an inspiring educator and “a giant of the Queensland rugby league.” At 77-years-old, he was able to create a great impact on the world of both rugby sports fanatics and enthusiasts.

“A big fella in a little fella’s body,” Sally Lawrence described her late father. To his family, he proved to be an amazing role model. He was well-appreciated. And then, like all good things coming to an end, Richie suffered from an acute coronary event as he was mowing their home lawn in Buderim. He died on the 4th of April.

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Photo Credit: North Queensland Rugby League Referees/Facebook