Buderim Men’s Shed Will Soon Have Their Permanent Shed

Real men love arts and crafts. Buderim Men’s Shed has been hosting numerous fundraising events for their organisation and the Buderim community. The recently concluded Super Garage Sale featured handmade arts and crafts made by its members. The goal of these events is to continuously fulfill the Men’s Shed goals and its projects for the coming year.


What is Buderim Men’s Shed?

Buderim Men’s Shed’s works
(Photo credit: Buderim Mens Shed/Facebook)

The Buderim Men’s Shed is a non-profit and non-commercial organisation of Buderim’s men. They meet and learn professional and trade skills, while simply enjoying the community’s company. Established in 2011 as an initiative of the Buderim Rotary Club, the Men’s Shed prioritises the health, well-being, and social inclusion of its members in the community.

There are different groups in the organisation with different specialties:

  • Art Group
  • Being Well
  • Bookworms
  • Computers
  • Gardening
  • Lead Light
  • Library
  • Metalwork
  • Music
  • Sketching
  • Toy Making
  • Upholstery
  • Woodwork
  • Wood Carving
  • Wood Turning
  • Yakety-Yak

These groups are open to members who would like to learn the skills. The schedules are posted on their website’s calendar.


Fundraising for Their Permanent Shed

The proposed plan for the new site.
(Photo credit: Buderim Mens Shed/Facebook)

Buderim Men’s Shed has started an ambitious quest to raise $1 million to build their permanent home, as their lease on their current premises is soon to expire. Dr. Bill Glasson and Professor Claire Jackson have generously allowed the community to use the property in 53 Mill Road as their home for the time being.

Several fundraising events were organised. An Open Day served as the launching event for the project. Although the project seemed to be impossible at first, Shadforths Civil Contractors came forward to offer their help with earthwork. Construction will commence this year.

The permanent home for the Buderim Men’s Shed will be built on a Kuluin site provided by the State Government. Twice the size of the current size, the place will be constructed in three stages. Buderim Men’s Shed coordinator Norm Thursby said that the size of the proposed site is essential for their growing community.

“It’s needed because not only are we the biggest shed, but with the baby boomers coming through there’s going to be a whole bunch of guys looking for something to do,” Mr. Thursby said.


Buderim Men’s Shed in the Community

The shed’s fundraising project
(Photo credit: Buderim Mens Shed/Facebook)

The members want the organisation to continuously operate because it is more than just a hub for the men population in Buderim. It also serves its members and community. Mr. Thursby said that the organisation played an important role in supporting the local residents.

“I’ve sat down with a couple of guys at tea – for a smoko – and had a guy say to me, ‘if it wasn’t for the shed I’d be dead. … I get emotional about this. The guys..we’ve saved a life by being here. … It just does so much good for their spirit, to be able to come here. Nobody asks who they are or what they’ve done, they’re just accepted, you know,” he said.

Throughout the years, the Buderim Men’s Shed has helped many community groups, such as The Buderim Foundation, Buderim War Memorial Community Association, Wildlife Australia, and Vietnam Veterans Association.

More info about Buderim Men’s Shed, its upcoming events, and how to donate can be viewed on their website and Facebook page.