Emergency Departments At Queensland Private Hospitals Grow, Buderim To Welcome Its Own

Emergency departments in private hospitals in Queensland are gradually growing, with plans for a new ED at the Buderim Private Hospital currently in the works. In Ipswich, the Mater Hospital in Springfield is also undergoing the second phase of its expansion with an emergency department.

There is a growing demand for emergency departments in Australia due to the rapidly increasing population. In the Sunshine Coast, the population is also one of the biggest factors that drive the need for more EDs.

The upcoming emergency department at Buderim Private Hospital will be the first ED in a private hospital in the peri-urban area. This hospital facility will offer the same emergency treatments like the ones offered at public hospitals, with the exception of major trauma.

Plans for an emergency department at the hospital aims to meet the needs of the community and to provide patients with outstanding care.

Is There A Need For A Private Emergency Department?

In a research by the University of Sydney in 2016, it showed that there are pretty much happy to use emergency departments at public hospitals because of the high-quality medical care provided in this situation. However, the ones that resort to private emergency care at private hospitals found that the environment at public hospitals is stressful and they felt that they had little choice about their care,

The results also show that the participants appreciate the environment at private hospitals as they refer to it as calmer, with sufficient staff, and nice rooms. The research participants also acknowledge the fact that they can choose their own doctors at private hospitals.

There are more public hospitals in Queensland, however, with the new emergency department coming to Buderim Private Hospital, this will give Sunshine Coast residents a choice when choosing emergency care which still falls under the entire community’s best interest.