5 Reasons Why You Should Go to The Food Fair at Cotton Tree in Maroochydore

The Food Fair, the newest curated 3-day food festival, is happening at the Black Swan Park at Cotton Tree in Maroochydore this 9 August until 11 August 2019.

Gather up, food enthusiasts! The Curated Plate is heading to Sunshine Coast this August for an epic and tasteful celebration of food, dining, and cooking.

As part of the listed events for this celebration, The Curated Plate is having a 3-day food festival called “The Food Fair” at the Black Swan Park at Cotton Tree in Maroochydore.

Still not convinced whether this event is worth the hype and your time? Well, here is a list of reasons why The Food Fair is an event you wouldn’t want to miss out.

1. Series of Hands-On Food Demonstrations

A number of incredible and award-winning local and international talents are participating in this event. This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to witness their skills and learn a thing or two from their expertise.

Included amongst the chefs who will be having food demonstrations are: Zaiyu Hasegawa for creative and artistic technique on local produce, Alanna Sapwell and Jade King for sweet cooking finger lime, Joel Valvasori-Pereza for local produce in a pasta, and Chase Kojima for the art of fish-skillery.

Chef Alanna Sapwell
Chef Alanna Sapwell
Photo credit: The Curated Plate/ Facebook

2. Chef Talks 

Aside from food demonstrations, The Food Fair is also having masterclasses or “Chef Talks” wherein different invited chefs will share their experiences in the kitchen to give a glimpse of their profession. At the Chef Talks, each speaker will also get the chance to be asked by the audience anything related to food, dining, cooking, and sustainability.

Peter Gilmore, Troy Rhoades-Brown, Darren Robertson, and Clayton Wells are included amongst the list of chosen speakers for The Food Fair’s Chef Talks.

3. Wide-Range of Bars and Eateries

What is a food festival without food and beverage stalls? At The Food Fair, there will be a lot of bars and eateries for you to feast upon. How exciting is that, right?

Gelato Messina
Gelato Messina
Photo credit: The Curated Plate/ Facebook

Enjoy flavourful custom-made creations from festival-favourites, namely Hoy Pinoy and Gelato Messina. The Meatball Company will also be at the fair serving up numerous choices of premium meatballs. And for local drinks, Hartwells and Craftwerk bars will cover it up as they serve drinks from Brouhaha Brewery, Your Mates Brewing Co. and Sunshine Coast Coast Cider.

4. Everyone is Welcome at The Food Fair (Dogs Too!)

Have a festive weekend at the Black Swan Park for The Food Fair with your entire friends and family. If you have pets, feel free to bring them to the park too since the venue and the event itself is dog-friendly.

Food Fair
Photo credit: The Curated Plate/ Facebook

5. Free Entry and 50% of Proceeds Will be Given to Rural Aid

The entire event is FREE if you register online ahead of time. If you are interested in going to The Food Fair, you may click here to register.

Alternatively, on the day of the event, an entry fee of $5 per person will be charged for adults whilst children who are under 16 years old get a free entry. However, 50% of the total proceeds of The Food Fair will be given to their chosen charity partner, Rural Aid.

Now with the list of reasons why The Food Fair is an event worth going to, it’s time for you to decide and mark your calendars for this epic food festival happening this August at Maroochydore. To know more information about The Food Fair, click here.