Buderim Student Conducts Unprecedented Coast Research

Buderim student Felomena Macdonald is set to embark on research that will be a first for the Sunshine Coast region.

Felomena, who is about to begin her Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast, will conduct research on drones and advanced imaging techniques to look for new means to analyse soil erosion on farming areas in the region.

The existing method of identifying the amount and rate of erosion can either be through manual collection or through the use of laser technology. Laser technology is deemed expensive, and Felomena thinks that imaging technique can be a viable alternative.

The study will be beneficial to farmers as it will help them learn how much soil is being lost after a storm or other factors.

The geo-science graduate remarkably completed her degree even when she was working full time. Now, she can focus more on her research as she works on her honours full time.