PETstock Maroochydore Participates in 5th Annual National Pet Adoption Day

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Photo credit: PETstock/Facebook

PETstock Maroochydore is participating in the 5th Annual National Pet Adoption Day on Saturday, 9th February 2019, to be held from 10am to 2pm.

In 2015, PETstock partnered with leading adoption site and not-for-profit charity PetRescue to find forever homes for unclaimed animals in Australian pounds. Every year thereafter, National Pet Adoption Day has been celebrated in more than 100 PETstock stores across the country as a campaign to rehome rescue pets. Maroochydore is only one of 26 PETstock stores in Queensland.

Photo credit: PixelwunderByRebecca/Pixabay

With many rescue pets being cared for in out-of-the-way shelters, National Pet Adoption Day gives the opportunity for rescue pets to visit the community and meet families looking to adopt.

Last year’s campaign found loving homes for 520 pets. This year, PETstock hopes to outmatch, if not double, last year’s adoption numbers.

Photo credit: Counselling/Pixabay

This year’s National Pet Adoption Day aims to encourage people to look for an individual pet rather than a particular breed. In line with this year’s slogan, “Love knows no breed”, all breed labels will be removed from the listed pets as a way to forget breed stereotypes.

Stereotypes make dogs of certain breeds less likely to be adopted because the slightest negative information can influence people’s perception. But just like humans, each animal is unique. An animal’s personality and temperament is often influenced by environment and previous experiences, not just their breed. That is why there is so much variation both within and between breeds.

Even if a pet has had a rough start in life, they thrive and can become wonderful companions when provided with constant love and care. With a loving family, their personalities shine.

Removing breed labels hopes to encourage people to get to know the animal’s own individual personality, which ensures that pets of all types find the homes they deserve.

Photo credit: PETstock/Facebook

Try adopting a pet instead of buying one. There’s a pet to suit every lifestyle and National Pet Adoption Day is the fantastic opportunity to find your perfect match.