Caloundra’s Lighthouses Commence Rehabilitation Work

Rehabilitation work for Caloundra’s lighthouses has commenced as the Sunshine Coast Council aims to invest in preserving these historic and iconic maritime beacons.

New timber decking, balustrading, and weatherproofing will be installed. This project ensures that the culturally significant lighthouses remain intact for future generations.

Caloundra has a deep maritime history, and these lighthouses played a crucial role in guiding mariners until 1978. The original lighthouse, built way back in 1896, is the oldest surviving building in town. Its neighbour, the replacement lighthouse from 1968, is one of only two of its kind in Australia.

The lighthouse precinct, a massive 868 square metres located on Canberra Terrace at Kings Beach, is a State heritage-listed site since 2010. It holds immense value for the community, and the Sunshine Coast Council acquired it in 2020 for a mere $1. This acquisition allows the council to invest in preserving this iconic spot that reflects our nautical roots.

The Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses community group has been doing an amazing job over the past 15 years, welcoming more than 13,000 visitors. With council support, they’ve inspired a new generation of maritime enthusiasts. But they need your help! They’re looking for volunteers to step forward and be a part of preserving our history. Let’s keep our maritime legacy alive!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

To support the cause, you can grab a copy of “The Little Lighthouse,” a charming children’s book by John Bradley. Illustrated by local talent Diane Somers-Cook, the book delves into the fascinating history of the Caloundra Lighthouses. All proceeds go towards maintaining these cherished landmarks.

The Caloundra Lighthouses Rehabilitation project is made possible by the Arts and Heritage Levy, in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Council. Local firms, including Conbuild, are carrying out the important works. Department of Environment and Science heritage approvals are being followed. Weather permitting, we expect completion by late September 2022.

Published 17-June-2023

Sunshine Coast’s New Boardwalk: A Gateway to Nature

Nestled in the heart of Buderim, spanning from Sage Street to Royal Drive, Sunshine Coast’s New Boardwalk allows residents to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

Discover a tranquil escape through lush rainforests, as the gentle murmur of the nearby creek leads the way to the serene Tom Rickards Park. The once unassuming dirt track has been transformed into a pristine pathway, inviting nature enthusiasts, walkers, cyclists, and those seeking moments of peace and serenity.

Designed with accessibility, the boardwalk ensures everyone can relish Buderim’s natural treasures. Whether using a wheelchair, walker or pushing a pram, a smooth and hassle-free adventure into the heart of the reserve awaits.

Beyond its scenic allure, the boardwalk embodies sustainability. Crafted entirely from eco-friendly materials, it stands as a testament to the commitment to preserving Buderim’s cherished environment for generations to come.

In the face of heavy rain, outdoor plans can be disrupted, but fear not, for the new elevated design addresses this challenge. Ensuring that explorations are never thwarted by unpredictable weather, the boardwalk stands as a steadfast companion to outdoor pursuits.

A notable point of pride is the “zero harm to vegetation” approach during Sunshine Coast’s New Boardwalk development. Not a single tree was removed, upholding the lush greenery that defines Buderim’s natural charm.

Thanks to the wholehearted investment of $150 thousand from the Sunshine Coast Council’s Minor Capital Works Program, this community endeavour is made possible.

More than just a structure, the boardwalk is a promise of enduring enjoyment. Imagine quality time spent with loved ones, cherishing the gift of nature right in the backyard. The boardwalk is an invitation to revitalise the senses, to reconnect with the wonder of the great outdoors.

Published 1-September-2022

Latest Updates On Brisbane Road Car Park’s $18M Redevelopment

Sunshine Coast Council recently issued a notice about upcoming traffic changes at Smith Street, Mooloolaba as Brisbane Road Car Park’s $18 million major overhaul progresses. 

A section of Smith Street, between First Avenue and Muraban Street, will be periodically closed, from mid-February to early October 2020. Signage and traffic controllers will be present during these closures. Current woks involve:

  • Delivering large quantities of reinforced steel and concrete
  • Pouring concrete floor slabs, columns and walls for the new multi-deck car park
  • Use of long reach mobile concrete pumps spanning the full width of Smith Street

Because of the work going on, residents and nearby businesses should expect construction noise with increased levels expected when the concrete pump is in operation. Reduced speed limits and changed traffic conditions will be in place. Additional truck movements should also be expected as concrete trucks arrive and depart from the construction site.

Depending on weather and site conditions, the construction of multi-deck car park is expected to be completed by December 2020. Construction hours will primarily be between 6:30 am – 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday.

About Brisbane Road Car Park

Brisbane Road Car Park east elevation (Photo Credit:

The new eight-storey multi-deck car park will increase public parking on the site from 176 spaces to more than 700 car parking spaces, with a further 54 motorcycle spaces and 50 bicycle spaces. 

Design rendered by Evans Built showed it drew inspiration from the natural environment and incorporates local references of the Mooloolaba area and the Placemaking Mooloolaba Masterplan.

Based on the Council’s timeframe, works will commence on the eight-storey building structure by early March 2020 to late March 2020. During construction, Council provides a range of free on-street and off-street parking throughout Mooloolaba

For the latest updates about the project, visit the Sunshine Coast website or contact the council’s customer service team on (07) 5475 7272 during office hours from Monday to Friday 8:15 am-5:00 pm.